News for 6/26/2019

Kids For Christ go to Kansas City Wednesday, June 19, 12 youth and four sponsors traveled to Kansas City to work a couple days at the Veterans Community Project. This is where the group went last year as well. It was amazing to see the changes and progress of the organization! Those volunteers included: Robin Billings, Emily Blank, Bill Molzahn and Melissa Westbrook, TyLynn Blank, Seth Brown, Isaac Gaddis (not pictured), Casandra Gibson, Michael Gibson, Abigail Hardacre, Mya Hoersdig, Jack Molzahn, Toree Slavik, Kyler Seemann, Maycee Westbrook, and Morgan Westbrook. Last year there were 13 houses completed. This year there were 23 finished and 26 being completed. VCP has also rented a buildi

News for 6/`9/20

Mat Makers Meet We have so many bags that need to be made into sleeping mats, please consider coming to help in this project. All you need is the ability to flatten bags, cut them, tie a knot, or crochet! Simple, right? It is just that simple! We decided to meet more often in the summer to make a larger impact on getting mats  made and delivered to those who need it. We will meet at St. John Lutheran Church on Thursday, June 27, from 2-5pm and also that Saturday, June 29, from 9am to noon! We are trying to meet different times to help accommodate everyone's schedules. We met earlier in the month and had about 10 people. We also had 3 more mats brought finished and ready to go to the homeless

News for 6/12/2019

Thunder Ridge Grads Play Once More Elizabeth Hardacre was selected as one of 24 graduating senior volleyball players in the state to play in the 2019 Kansas Volleyball Association All Star Match in Topeka on Saturday, June 1. Libby and Paige Baird from Northern Valley- photo by Amber Hardacre. Layne Pettijohn and Brandon Grauerholz represented the Thunder Ridge Longhorns in the State Line All-Star basketball games on Saturday, June 1, in Red Cloud Nebraska. Darren Grauerholz was coach for the girls team. Elizabeth Hardacre was chosen to play as well but also chosen to play at the KVA Volleyball All Star games at Topeka. Layne and Brandon- photo by Nicki Grauerholz. Elizabeth Hardacre and La

News for 6/5/2019

The church with the tiny house they used to promote the tiny houses of Veterans' Community Project. Pastor Lorna giving Brandonn Mixon, one of the CEOs of Veterans' Community Project, the church's $25,000 donation. Donation Given to Veterans' Community Project Each year, St. John Lutheran Church selects an organization to support as a mission project. A year ago, they selected Veterans' Community Project, from Kansas City as their mission. The church's youth group even worked there last summer and will again in a couple weeks. The church held various fund raisers and collect donations throughout the year. Both the community and church rallied around this amazing cause. This past Sunday, Bran