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Utility bills: Utility bills are mailed just before the 1st of the month, and payment is due to the City of Kensington by the 10th. Late payments will be assessed a 15% late charge. Non-payment may result in service being terminated on the 20th of the month.


     Base residential utility rate                                      $49.00/month inside city limits

                                                                                               $46.00/month outside city limits

          Includes water (1500 gallons)  $23.00

          trash service                               $10.00

          sewer service                             $17.00


     Excess water usage - (Inside City Limits)                     $5.00/each 1000 gallons

          (More than 1500 gallons)


     Excess water usage - (Outside City Limits)                 $10.00/each 1000 gallons

          (More than 1500 gallons)



     Late payment charge                                                      15%


     Meter turn on/reconnect fee                                        $60.00


     Returned check charge                                                  $30.00


     Meter deposit                                                                   $100.00

Water Meters: Water meters are read on the 10th of the month from April to October. During the winter months, patrons are charged the basic utility rate. The excess water usage for the winter is figured in April and charged to the May bill. Please expect that your May bill will be higher than the $49.00 basic rate.














     Pack water meters                                 NOVEMBER

       *Please insulate water meters with a bag of leaves, a bag of insulation,

         or a bag of old blankets. etc.  If your unpacked meter freezes during

         the winter, you are responsible for the cost of replacement.


     Unpack water meters                            APRIL

        *Please remove meter packing so meters can be read. Excess winter

           usage (over 9,000 gallons) will result in a larger than normal May bill.


Trash Pickup:  Residential trash is picked up on Tuesday mornings beginning at 8:00 am.  You must provide your own trash receptacle.  Please make certain that all trash is bagged or boxed as it is loaded by hand into the truck.


     Trash service is provided by: 

          Nech Trash Service                                476-7999


     Tree/Grass Dump: You can dispose of your grass clippings and tree limbs in               the designated places on West Cottonwood (follow the dirt road west).





ONLY the city is authorized to turn the water service on or off.  Call the City Office if you need to turn your water off or on at the meter location





City Park

(Hwy 36)

The park may be used anytime. The shelter house (including restroom facilities) may be reserved by calling the City Office. A refundable deposit is required.

Dog Tags

Dog tags are due in March!!!


*Please tag your pets

   (Maximum of 3 dogs/household)  

 Proof of current rabies                           vaccination is required


     Males/neutered pets   $1.00

     Female                         $3.00

The siren sounds at 7:00am, noon, and 6:00pm Monday - Saturday.


     *Fire - Several short siren                          blasts


     *Tornado - Continuous long                             blast.


Kensington City Office

Amber Hardacre - City Clerk


101 S. Main

PO Box 186

Kensington, KS 66951


Phone:  785-476-2668

Fax:       785-476-2663




Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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