News for 9/17/19

Big Changes in Town!

Monday, September 16, a City-Wide Clean-up Day was led by Denise Miller and the Thunder Ridge High School Adult Living and Life Management classes. Giving back to the community is an important part of being a responsible adult and TRHS is working to instill this in our youth. “We received $4,000 in grant funds to help us with this project. My students have really shown an incredible enthusiasm this year, and initiative I haven't seen in the past. I'm so VERY proud of their efforts and designs!” -Denise Miller. 

Parents and community members were invited to join and work alongside the students in a cooperative effort. With enlisting community volunteers to help comes the opportunity to teach students carpentry and other useful skills.  Projects this year included: creating a permanent mural- special recognition to Prairie Land Electric for donating supplies and labor to create the backdrop; revitalizing vacant buildings on Main Street; painting parking lines and crosswalks; highway 36 clean-up with Lions Club members; and adding school spirit to downtown. A new outside dining area will be added along with a special tribute to Veterans. These efforts are focused on not only giving back to the community but revitalizing our small town to look great for the 150th Anniversary of the Veterans Day celebration, to be held Saturday, November 9, 2019.

A HUGE Thank you to Patty Lowe, Curtis Lamont, and  Jeff Nech for great input. Also, Billy Davis for providing all materials at cost.  Prairie Land Electric donated the electric poles and labor for the permanent mural, while Curtis Lamont found a company to give a cost break on the powder coating the metal for the mural. All those who contributed supplies, labor, and donations are appreciated. Generous donors provided both morning and afternoon snacks and water, and the school delivered lunch to the park near the swimming pool for all students and volunteers. This was an amazing group effort, taking pride in our town and teaching great lessons for our youth. 

Also thanks to grant funds, the City of Kensington recently made an exciting addition to the roadside park on hwy 36, as you’re traveling east leaving town. The grant was received from the Smith County Community Foundation and Dane G. Hansen.  Two RV hookups were installed at the roadside park. They can be reserved by contacting the city office at 476-2668 for $15/night, but reservations are not necessary. They are perfect for out of town family attending special events like birthday parties and weddings (and they’ve already been used for that) or for hunters, travelers, etc.  We are grateful to the SCCF and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for making it possible for more people to enjoy our park and our community.