News for 3/28/18

Thunder Ridge School News

The annual Thunder Ridge Carnival was held Friday evening, March 23rd at the Middle School in Agra. Walking tacos were served in the cafeteria while games and booths were set up in the gymnasium for all K-12 students and their families to enjoy. Everyone had food and tons of fun at the carnival.

The 7th grade were the artists of the Face Painting Booth. Pictured is Zach Barnes painting a fun face on a grade school boy and behind him, Bayleigh Morgan painting the face of another.

Pictured above is Zach Barnes painting a tiger face on Kindergarten student Emyro Williams. These pics provided by Robin Billings.

Northern Plains League Art Competition

We can be very proud of our Jr. and Sr. art students. Out of the 24 pieces we took to contest, 10 received awards. These are as follows:

First Place awards

Matilyn Riley with an oil painting - Mountain Breeze

Britt Bauman with a watercolor painting - Colors of Fall

Second Place awards

Layne Pettijohn with an oil painting - Cherry Blossoms at Sunset