News for 9/5/18

Support Our American G.I. Joes

Join us for lunch at the St. John Lutheran Church (north) serving Sloppy Joes, salads, chips, beans, and desserts this Sunday, September 9, from 11-1:00. All proceeds will go towards The Veterans Community Project, which builds tiny homes and offers many services free of charge for our American veterans. Sponsored by St. John Sunday School.

Thunder Ridge School Events

During the second week of Thunder Ridge Pre-Kindergarten the class studied the letter S and all about Safety. The goal of the week was to master safety skills in the classroom, safety skills at home, safety skills in the car, and safety skills while out in public with parents. These skills ranged from walking in the classroom to not talking to strangers. One of the bigger skills that the class learned was when to call 9-1-1 and how to answer operator questions. Students learned what to do in case their homes caught fire and they learned how to Stop-Drop and Roll. Not only were the skills practiced throughout the week; Phillips County Sheriff's Department came and gave the students a talk about safety. Students were able to put actual people and faces to the men and women they had been learning about all week. Officer Powell and Officer Dougherty presented students with valuable information. Students learned what safety equipment the police use, got to sit inside of the different vehicles and most importantly students got to push the buttons that make the sirens go off. The goal of the week was to practice potentially lifesaving skills and to learn how and when to get help

Officer Dougherty (left) with Pre-K students and (right) Pre-K teacher Amy Abbott, Officer Powell, and teacher’s aide Roberta Quanz-McCormack.

Officer Powell showing the Pre-K students his patrol vehicle.