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At the Homecoming ceremony Friday night, September 28, Landon Gering was named King and Mariah Stauffer was named Queen. Brice Hendryx, son of Otis and Kelly Hendryx, Elizabeth Hardacre, daughter of Bruce and Amber Hardacre, Layne Pettijohn, daughter of Darrell and Tammy Pettijohn, and Brandon Grauerholz, son of Darren and Nicki Grauerholz, were also candidates. Crown bearers were Destyni Coomes, daughter of Rick and Kandi Coomes, and Bryson Krueger, son of John and Mary Krueger. Congrats to Queen Mariah and King Landon.

Photos by Charlene Smith

On September 27th The Thunder Ridge Longhorn Junior High football team traveled to Miltonvale to play in a 6 man contest. Rain had canceled the previous game versus St. John’s Beloit, leaving 2 weeks between games and the boys ready to play. The boys played well in all phases of the game scoring a touchdown on special teams, defense, along with 2 passing and 2 running TD’s. Coach Nelson was proud of the team blocking and sportsmanship showed against a team that only had 6 kids available to play. The final score saw Thunder Ridge come out on top 46-0.

TR Activity/Game Dates


Thur. 4- MS VB/FB @ Home (Agra) vs Lakeside 4:00/6:00pm

Fri. 5- K-5th grades to Hansen Museum for Extreme Energy Program 2:00pm @ Logan; HS FB 7:00pm @ Logan-Palco (Palco)

Sat. 6- Old Settlers Day in Kirwin, parade 10:00am; JV/C-team HS VB Quad 9:00am @ Beloit

Mon. 8- HS JV FB vs Logan/Palco 6:00pm @ Home

Tue. 9- Dental Screening/Fluoride K-3rd 8:00am, Pre-K/MS 10:00am; HS VB Tri 4:00pm @ Kensington vs St. John’s and Tescott

Wed. 10- 9am FFA Dairy Cattle Judging @ Bird City

Thur. 11- MS VB/FB @ Home (Agra) vs Osborne

Fri. 12- End of 1st 9 weeks; K-3rd to Hunter's Farm (Kirwin); HS FB 7:00pm @ Home vs Wilson

Sat. 13- NPL Tournament 9:00am @ Beloit

Mon. 15- PTL MS VB Tourney @ Southern Cloud (Miltonvale) 11:00am

Thur. 18- MS Honors Program in Auditorium @ Agra Middle School 3:15pm

Fri. 19- No School – Teacher In Service; HS FB 7:00pm @ Osborne

Sat. 20- Sub-State VB

Mon. 22- Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-8:30pm; No TR Academy

NY/DC Trip in March

There is room for adults on the upcoming New York/ Washington trip in March 2019. If you have questions please contact Annalee Ratliff at 785-476-7020.

Veterans Day Parade

The theme this year will be “Bells of Peace.” We are asking everyone who has a bell, to ring it 21 times on November 11 at 11:00am. The church bells will be ringing and bells will be ringing across the nation.

American Legion Menu

Friday Night Special, October 5, serving from 6:00-8:30pm.

This week at the American Legion we will be having Karen's famous cheeseburger soup with a sloppy joe as our special. We will have a no-bake Twix cake for dessert please call for us to fix your supper to go at 785 476 3204.

Kensington Library News

Do you know that Veteran’s Day this year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI? That’s right. On November 11, 1918 an armistice, or truce, was signed to stop fighting. To honor this anniversary, the family of Byron and Leanne Grauerholz of Salina, KS have brought a special item to display at the library. Their son Benjamin, grandson of Darold and Joyce Grauerholz of Kensington, is a history buff who enjoys learning about the different battles and wars fought. Ben has his very own life-like replica of war trenches that he plays with regularly. The Grauerholz family wanted to share this unique trench replica with us for children of the community to play with and enjoy as well.

WWI was known as the “Great War.” Much of the fighting done in WWI was fought in trenches. Trenches were made to protect soldiers from gunfire. The area between the trenches is known as “no man’s land.” So please stop by the library anytime now through November 11th to see this amazing trench and remember the war that was fought for us.

Weekly Inspiration

Take a breather. Life moves fast and if you're not careful, you will miss most of it. Slow down. Be in awe of nature. Call someone you've been thinking of. Hug your loved ones. Sing. Dance. Pray. Do the thing that will make your heart happy right now.

Expect more from yourself than from others. Because expectations from others hurt a lot, while expectations from yourself inspire a lot. That's life.


Your news is important to us. Send your stories and information to Erica Barnes at with subject line: NEWS. Or feel free to call 785-476-8185.

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