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News for 3/27/19

All State Basketball selections

Layne Pettijohn was selected for Class 1A girls Second Team. Honorable mentions were Libby Hardacre and Brennan Kirchhoff.

Also, in a separate article out of 117 1A teams, Layne Pettijohn was selected as one of the 9 finalists for 1A player of the year. Emily Ryan from Central Plains was selected the winner.

More honors: Layne selected 1st team for Sports in Kansas Class 1A All-State; Brennan Kirchhoff and Libby Hardacre were honorable mentions.

TRMS Honors

Thunder Ridge Middle School held their quarterly honors program on Wednesday, March 6 in the auditorium in Agra.

8th Grade Honors: Dalton and Dylan Bice, Cameron Cochrun, Alexis Holling, Alex Keshmiry, Max Loyd, Jace Randall, Brian Shaw, Toree Slavik, Caleb Wagenblast, Ava Wiehman.

7th Grade Honors: Mason Baker, Austin Barnes, Starla Cochrun, Joshua Ferguson, Jimmy Gower, Gianna Hoersdig, Grace Wilson.

PE Awards: (l-r) Rueben Steenkamp, Jenna Barnes, Teaghan Hendryx.

Music Awards: (l-r) Joshua Ferguson, Hannah Nelson, Evan Slavik, Trinity Coomes.

6th Grade Boosters: Jenna Barnes, Cort Conaway, MacKenna Conaway, Ethan Eller, Jimmy Escobar, Jennifer Galicia, Alex Gower, Ezekiel McGuire, Allison Rhea, Peter-John van der Linden.

6th Grade Honors: Jennifer Galicia, Allison Rhea, Teaghan Hendryx, Jenna Barnes.

5th Grade Boosters: Peyton Chestnut, Shiloh Corbett, Jackson Dunlap, Annmarie Fowler, Khloe Reimer, Gracie Rice, Evan Slavik, Dawson Stephens, April Webb, Hudson Wiehman, Edrick Williams.

5th Grade Honors: Peyton Chestnut, Jackson Dunlap, Michael Ferguson, Khloe Reimer, Gracie Rice, Evan Slavik.

4th Grade Boosters: Samuel Baker, Levi Barnes, Lukas Dayhuff, Kaydence Dodds, Connor Engelke, Jasmine Ferguson, Jasmine Gordon-Stone, Brillon McDowell, Kutter McDowell, Hannah Nelson, Alanna Schroeter, Declan Tweedy, Leanka van der Linden, Konner Wagenblast, Nevaeh Wilson.

4th Grade Honors: Samuel Baker, Levi Barnes, Lukas Dayhuff, Kaydence Dodds, Connor Engelke, Jasmine Ferguson, Jasmine Gordon-Stone, Brillon McDowell, Hannah Nelson, Alanna Schroeter, Declan Tweedy, Konner Wagenblast.

TR Activities/Dates


Wed. 27- MS Track Sports Pictures 3:15pm


Mon. 1st- Steering Committee/Post Prom Meeting @ 6:00pm

Tue. 2- HS Track @ St. John’s/Tipton (Beloit) 3:00pm

Thur. 4- MS Track @ Norton 9:30am (leave @ 8:00am)

Tue. 9- MS Track @ Stockton 10:00am; HS Track @ Smith Center 3:00pm

Thur. 11- MS Track @ Logan 10:00am

Fri. 12- HS Track @ Hill City 3:00pm

Sat. 13- PROM

Mon. 15- Mother/KAY Banquet

Wed. 17- PTL Music Contest @ Pike Valley (Courtland) 8:30am

Thur. 18- MS Track @ Osborne 9:00am (lv K-Town 6:50; Agra 7:00; Kirwin 7:15); K-3 & HS Spring Music Program @ 7:00pm High School gym

Fri. 19- No School – Good Friday

Mon. 22- No School – Easter Break

Tue. 23- MS Track @ Beloit (Hosted by Southern Cloud) 9:00am (lv K-Town 6:40; Agra 6:50; Kirwin 7:00); HS Track @ Osborne 3:00pm

American Legion Menu

This week at the American Legion we will be having poppyseed chicken, broccoli and rice, and pink salad fluff. Our dessert will be. Chocolate Caramel cake. We'd love to have you call us at 785-476-3204 to put tables together for your group or for a take out order, hope to see you Friday evening.

Weekly Inspiration

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. - Buddha

Wise people are not always silent, but they know when to be. - Unknown

You can't see it now, but that thing you didn't get will someday be the best thing you never had. Let it go. Better is coming. - Mandy Hale


Please get your news items to Erica no later than Monday morning at 10:00am. News submitted after 10:00am will be in the paper the following week. Send your info to Erica Barnes at with subject line: NEWS; or feel free to call 785-476-8185.

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