News for 1/26/2021

Working Together

The desire to help the homeless has expanded into the hearts of others in our wonderful community. Genny Rahjes has made crocheted hats for years and continues to make them for the homeless. Several were packed into the supply bags that the St. John Lutheran Sunday school kids put together. These bags had waterproof gloves, wool socks, snacks, and personal care wipes.... and a hat! Thirteen sleeping mats have also been completed in the past couple months by the Mat Makers group. Members of this group include people from Kensington, Smith Center, Agra, Athol, Stuttgart, and Kirwin.

Patty Lowe, the art teacher at Thunder Ridge, has also found a way for some of her 7th and 8th graders to become involved in this service project. She has her Exploratory Class tie plastic strips together after she cuts them. The students then roll the tied strips into balls of plarn (plastic yearn) to be crocheted by the Mat Makers. This has been very appreciated by the group!!

Kim Terrell will graciously be our delivery this time around. She will transport all of the items for the homeless we have made/put together. Kim has found a wonderful contact person that personally hands the much needed items to the homeless in Wichita.

Collection of plastic bags can also begin again!! Norton Correctional Facility has been making sleeping mats out of bags and was thrilled to take our extra bags that had accumulated when the mat makers group couldn’t meet because of Covid. Please continue to save your bags.

Donations of yarn are also being requested. It will be used to make more crocheted hats! Please leave any yarn you’d like to donate at the north Lutheran church or our grocery store bag dropbox. Thanks, for being a part of the service our great community loves to do!

Mat Makers will meet again February 20, from 9-noon, in St. John’s parish hall. Everyone is welcome to help.... the only skill needed is a desire to help!

This is the box of plarn made by the Exploratory Class.