News for 3/18/20

Lions’ Club March Meeting Lions club had their monthly meeting March 9, and had James Molzahn as the guest speaker. James is the Conservational Supervisory District Manager of this area and spoke to the group about the history of conservation and current practices used. He performed a demonstration comparing different water run off with different types of farming practices, comparing soil that is tilled, no-tilled,  cover cropped, and pastured. He did an excellent job explaining soil conservation.Next, the club held their business meeting. The members turned in their birthday calendar information. They also voted to donate $200 to the lions club relief trailers used when natural disasters occur in the state.Pins were given at January’s meeting for years of membership. JS Wagner received one for 60 years, Don Wiens for 55 years, Bob Bearley for 35 years, and Galen Larson and Bruce Hardacre for 10 years. This was done in January when the district governor attended the monthly meeting.

James Molzahn explains the difference in soil types.

Bob Bearley, 35 years