News for 10/10/18

hunder Ridge Schools

Thunder Ridge High School celebrated Spirit Week the last week of September. Festivities kicked off with the cheerleaders and dance team painting the town business windows on the afternoon of Sunday, September 23. High school students then met to decorate the halls. The Sophomore Class won the hall decorating contest, with the Freshmen coming in second. The “dress up” days were as follows: Monday was “Decade” or “Pajama” Day. Cody Massey, dressed in 50’s attire, and Raini Hrabe, in her KHS cheer uniform, were the winners for Decade Day. Liam Corbett won the Pajama Day competition with his shark pjs. Tuesday was “Camo” or “Celebrity” Day. Ray VanTassel won Camo Day with his military fatigues. Brice and Cameron Hendryx were the best celebrity duo appearing as Tommy Boy and Richard. Wednesday was “Tacky Tourist” or “Gender Bender” Day. Karen Torres was the best-dressed “Tacky Tourist. Jonny Burger, Edgar Galicia, and Mary Jo Shook tied for the Gender Bender category winners. Thursday was “Twin” or “Fake Injury” Day. There was a three way tie for the best twins between Tyler Krueger and Andy Glennemeier, Layne Pettijohn and Brennan Kirchhoff, and Landon Gering and Mariah Stauffer. Friday was Spirit Day and everyone sported their blue and silver with pride.

Thursday night’s activities began with class games, starting at 8:00 p.m. Then students took turns smashing a car. The games and car were provide by Stuco. Next, the bonfire was lit and cheerleaders led several cheers. The senior athletes gave speeches.

The Friday afternoon pep rally was moved into the high school gym and started at 2:45. All grades attended. Wysteria Corbett and Mary Jo Shook sang the national anthem and the combined Spirit Squad of cheerleaders and dancers led the singing of the school song. The band played the fight song with the cheerleaders and dance team dancing to it. Head Volleyball Coach, Mr. Bruce Hardacre and Head Football Coach, Mr. Joel Struckhoff addressed the crowd with inspirational speeches for the fall sports teams. The cheerleaders led the fans in cheers the Spirit Squad performed a dance routine. The candidate game was next followed in which the candidates “wrapped up a victory.” The pep rally ended with the band playing “Go Big Blue” and “Eat em Up.”

The annual Powder Puff Football Game was held on the afternoon of Friday, September 28 following the Homecoming Pep Rally. The event is sponsored by KAYS.

Team Blue players were Layne Pettijohn, Elizabeth Hardacre, Matilyn Riley, Ivy Corbett, Maggie Nech, Pricilla Villerreal, Jadeyn Bice, Mary Jo Shook, Madelyn Davis, Casandra Gibson, TyLynn Blank, Susanna Torres, and Kristal Rice. The Blue Team coaches were Brice Hendryx, Landon Gering and Brandon Shaw. Team Silver team players were Kenda Reimer, Destiny Shook, Leah Bienhoff, Jaden Boden, Iva Rust, Brittany Atchison, Brennan Kirchhoff, Kylie Reimer, Maycee Westbrook, Raini Hrabe, Saige Kirchhoff, Jordyn Vales and Mariana Escobar. Their coaches were Brandon Grauerholz, Reece Struckhoff and Mariah Stauffer.

Cheerleaders were Owen Dennis, Jacob Barnes, Olin Brown, Cameron Hendryx, Daxton Dunlap, Leland McGuire, Caleb Dodds, Ray VanTassel, Seth Brown, Owen Hrabe, Jonny Burger and Kyler Seemann. The Officials were Riggs Reneberg, Cameron Grauerholz and Joseph Ferguson. Announcers and clock personnel were Jeran Hale, Tyler Krueger, Andrew Glennemeier, Raegan Boden and Dalton Christensen. Wysteria Corbett was photographer.

The Silver Team won by a score of 6-0 on a touchdown scored by Brennan Kirchhoff. Congratulations Silver Team and thank you to all who participated!

Coaches “All Wrapped Up!” for wrap up a victory game. -photos by Nicki Grauerholz