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News for 6/26/2019

Kids For Christ go to Kansas City

Wednesday, June 19, 12 youth and four sponsors traveled to Kansas City to work a couple days at the Veterans Community Project. This is where the group went last year as well. It was amazing to see the changes and progress of the organization! Those volunteers included: Robin Billings, Emily Blank, Bill Molzahn and Melissa Westbrook, TyLynn Blank, Seth Brown, Isaac Gaddis (not pictured), Casandra Gibson, Michael Gibson, Abigail Hardacre, Mya Hoersdig, Jack Molzahn, Toree Slavik, Kyler Seemann, Maycee Westbrook, and Morgan Westbrook.

Last year there were 13 houses completed. This year there were 23 finished and 26 being completed. VCP has also rented a building across the street to use for all the services they provide veterans and use the main building as strictly a head quarters for operations and fund raising.

The rented building is called the Veterans Outreach Center. VCP offers services like educational services like resume building and interview skills, vet care for pets, bus passes, coupons for Goodwill, and different medical services. They have broken ground for their new community building as well. It will be used in addition to the outreach building and provide even more services. For example, a dentist is working with the team to plan for dental facilities there.

Thursday, the KFC group got to help a volunteer contractor install siding on the tiny houses. Other KFC members cleaned out newly constructed tiny houses after electricians and plumbers were finished so the next step of construction could begin. They kids cleaned nearly all 26 houses. Still others stuffed nearly 850 envelopes for fundraising efforts. A KC Royals games was attended Thursday night after a long day of work. It was a fun evening and the Royals even pulled off a W for the group!

The following day, the group painted the inside of the main building. This was a huge project! Rain kept the group from working outside, but didn’t hinder the group’s good spirits!

If you’d like to hear the complete story of the group’s trip, they will be sharing their mission experience at St John Lutheran Church, Sunday, June 30, at 9:00 and at the United Church on Sunday, July 7, at 10:30.

This week at the American Legion we will have our shrimp basket as our special and it will be  1 off. Karen is making her potato salad and for dessert we will have cherry pie cake. Our kitchen is open from 6-8:30 and please call us at 785-476-3204 so we can make your supper to go or for your harvest crew.

Mark your calendar for Saturday Aug. 17

Old Fashioned Saturday Night is planned for Saturday, August 17. *Food vendors and booths are needed.


Old Fashioned Saturday Night Meeting /  Commercial Club held June 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm.

Meeting was called to order by Bob Westbrook.

Present were:  Bob Westbrook, Kathy Holling, Deidra Tweedy, Brooke McDowell, Joan Nech, Jeff Nech, Don Dodds Sr, Justin Bretton, Ashley Meats, Adam Synoground, Don and Jennifer Dodds, and Darin McDowell.  

The annual “Old Fashioned Saturday Night” in Kensington is scheduled for August 17, 2019.  

Bob Westbrook would prefer NOT to be the MC this year; he would like to turn the job over to someone else.  

Brainstorming of ideas took place. Some ideas tabled for possible future years include: Medallion Hunt/Scavenger Hunt, “Drive in” Movie for kids, Softball Tourney.


8:00am - 5K Color Run sponsored by Sapphire Dancers

10:00 am - Pasture Golf (Jeff Nech in charge)

1:00 pm - Yard Games (Adam Synoground in charge)

1:00? - 7:30? - Inflatables - (Brooke and Deidra)

Tentative $5 wristband charge

2:00 or 3:00pm - Possible Swim Contest/games at pool, etc.

Possible boat contest again- will get more info.

4:00pm - 8:00pm - Car Show (Don Dodds and Justin Bretton in charge)

6:30pm - Kiddie Parade -- This year’s theme -- Cardboard Box Cars!!  

VENDORS to open after kiddie parade


We appreciate all who participate! Start planning now. Please Contact Brooke McDowell if planning to have a booth/food/games, etc

785-476-6191 or


Little Girl Dance Camp performances, MS & HS Cheer & Dance Performances, Possible talent show: Steele Drums? Mrs. Adams?


9 pm? - Midnight - STREET DANCE -- DJ or Band being booked ASAP

There will be NO FIREWORKS this year.

Deidra will contact Tri- City Inflatables for inflatables/bounce houses again this year. Goal is 2 - 1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids.

Joan will contact Buckmaster snow shack to possibly come for lawn games and later if no one will have snow cones during vendors.

Joan will apply for Nextech funds and contact Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Ladies Auxiliary - Pie Stand and Roy Rogers/Shirley Temples, Lions Clubs - Hamburgers.

Status of Commercial Club was discussed.

Commercial Club has been running “behind the scenes” with no active membership for a few years.  

They have been in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt, the Craft Show around Christmas time, City Wide Garage Sales and Old Fashioned Saturday Night.  They also provide the flowers for the barrels on main street. Commercial Club already has an EIN and a checkbook with some money in it but no revenue.  

It was decided to try to rejuvenate the Commercial Club as a community interest club  (and possibly meld together other clubs with the same intention). Joan and Deidra are going to send out postcards for dues to businesses.


Yearly membership dues are as follows:

Gold Level Membership: $500

Silver Member - $250

Bronze Member - $100

Other Donations Welcome.

Upcoming Meetings: Monday, July 8 - 7:30 pm  at the Legion and Monday, August 5, 7:30 pm at the Legion.

Special Announcement

Stan and Carolyn Billings would like to make an announcement: We are first-time, Great Grandparents! Our grandson Ian and his wife Natalie, who live in New York, gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, June 15, 2019. They named him,  Oliver Wren Murdoch. He weighed 7 pounds and 13 oz. All are doing fine. We are so proud & happy. This makes our daughter Debbie & Ed Murdoch first time grandparents, too!


Notice: Please get your news items to Erica no later than Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm. News submitted after Sunday will be in the paper the following week. Send your info to Erica Barnes at with subject line: NEWS; or feel free to call 785-476-8185. To see the full, in color, version visit

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